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This Friday at 18:30 at Nirvana cafe (Luxembourg)

This Friday at 18:30 at Nirvana cafe:

Do you have little pleasures in life you cannot do without?

For example you cannot go to work in the morning, if you haven't drunk your favourite espresso at your favourite cafe?

Or you have organised to meet your girlfriends once per month no matter what, to eat at your favourite restaurant?

Which of these are habits make us free spirits?

And which keep us dependent on ideas and habits that consequently keep us attached to places, food, drink and people?

And what is wrong with attachment?

This Friday, please bring with you your “I am letting all go-boxes”!

Put in a box all the things that do not serve you any more.

Photos of ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, bears they have offered you to cuddle with, postcards or anything you feel that is not part of your current life!

In order to release ourselves from past relationships and prepare for the big love to come!

One relationship ends and another starts! All is for good!

Venus and Mars, the counsellor and the doer, indicate what is the image of the woman or the man, respectively, we are looking for in our lives!

I hope to see you tomorrow!



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