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URGENT: hotmail blocked the access to my account! (Luxembourg)

Hotmail suddenly blocked my account by saying that someone was trying to connect to.
I have this account since 15 years!!
Why they din't block him instead of me ?
Anyway, I had to give them another account address to communicate. I completed the form they sent me (to the other account) by putting as much as I could as information, ex: the titles of the last emails I have sent, contacts etc.

Till now, they refused to me the access twice.I tried to do a thid attempt of recovering but they told I couldn't at the same day and I should wait for another 24 hours!! I already waited Protected content till now.
There's no phone, just the address of Microsoft in USA, and I cannot even reply to their messages!!!!
What's all that ? I don't really get it !!
An IT friend of mine couldn't understand...

Any ideas ???
Did that happen to some of you ??
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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