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What is next? (Luxembourg)

Dear all,

I am Aimilia. I am the 3rd and the youngest child of a Greek family.

As you may know it is not easy to find a job nowdays on the conventional domains: banks, translation agencies, administrative services or other. This is a worldwide phenomenon.

I have been looking for over one year in Luxembourg and I get negative answers.

Either because I do not speak Luxembourgish, either because my pronunciation is not good, either because there are no posts available or because my profile does not match the demands of the job.

So I stopped looking at places where I would normally search first thing some time ago.

I stopped because it made me anxious and sad. It made me feel useless and depressed. It made me fight with my family.

I believe if you want to really help someone there are ways. But people did not want to hear. Some of them, even hung the phone to me.

I decided to fight the negative emotions because I did not want any more to feel like that.

I wanted to have a normal life, a normal job and I did not want to fight with my family any more.

The more the services deny me a job, the more I will be trying to make it.

What else could I do? I searched to find what is my passion and what is my heart telling me to do.

My heart said I am going to be happy if I work with children and talk my truth to people.

The second one I am doing it now. By opening up to you.

The second one is my suggestion to offer you reading workshops for children/adolescents and adults in Greek, English, French and/or Italian.

I can read stories you like from your favourite books or I can tell you my stories.

I have also written my stories. My stories come from my dreams, my experience with people, jokes I have heard and others.

If you would like to hear me, please send me an email to Protected content in order to meet or send you a demo.

If you would like to read one of my stories, please also send an email.

And if you would like just to see what I have been creating until now you are most welcome to visit my blog at

Protected content

Feedback and suggestions for cooperation are always welcome.

Thank you.



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