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Canadian looking for apartment (Lviv)

Me: Canadian business owner, been in Ukraine for about a year in total. Looking a home for Protected content before I buy my own place.

1. In centre. ( I am going to assume a balcony is standard)
2. Building with elevator or on the 2nd level. (1st floor = ground floor)
3. Does not have to be fully furnished.
4. Has to have a tub AND Shower or tub/shower combo. Def no plastic shower cubicles.
5. No soviet style apartments with a door to every room.
6. Prefer modern style apartments with open concept kitchen/living room, or kitchen off to the side in another room but no weird doors please.
7. You must be able to register me at this address, I am not interested if I am registered as a renter or friend or whatever. I have a residency permit which requires me to be registered at an address.
8. I can pay direct in Euros to an account outside of Ukraine.
9. I prefer to deal direct with owners, but I am more interested in the quality of the apartment.
10. Optional amenities: These are appliances that I prefer but for the right apartment and price, I can buy my own stuff: 2 smart tv's above 40", washer+dryer or washer/dryer combo.
11. If your appliances and bedding do not suit my standards - you must be prepared to remove them so I can install my own. in particular washing machine and bed, which are the 2 items I find owners here like to scrimp on.
12. Depending on my comfort level, I have no issues paying Protected content at a a time, if there are no issues after the initial first month.
13. Must be able to accept rent electronically, either within ukraine in UAH or outside of Ukraine in Euros.

Please send relevant information like street address, price with/without utilities. What floor is it on. Are you the owner or agent. The more information you provide, the less to and fro I have to go via email or phone and if I'm interested we can arrange a viewing. Send information to Protected content

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