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Becoming a French citizen after 5 years - auto-ent (Lyon)

Hello everyone, following the UK referendum to leave the EU on Friday, I am considering to France indefinitely in September Protected content a view to becoming a French citizen after 5 years. I have kinda been living on and off in france for a few years...but kinda off the radar...sublets etc.

I am a freelancer for some international organizations in Geneva and do some private sector freelance work. Atm, I just fly over when I have work at the intenrational organizations and get somewhere on AirBnb or a sublet in France voisine.

I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience of becoming a French national specifically as an auto-entrepreneur. Do you have to earn X euros a year to show you can support yourself in order to become a citizen? Does this rule apply to EU nationals? I read somewhere online that it didn't.

What documents do you have to provide? 5 years' worth of rental agreements, tax returns, electricity bills?

Do you have to register with the mairie upon arrival? I know, for example, that in Germany you have to register with the authorities (Anmeldungspflicht).

I also know that you have to do a French language and "civilisation" test (naturalisation)...but that shouldn't be a problem

I'd really appreciate any input you guys have. I may have more questions about getting a carte vitale as an auto-entrepreneur later on...

Thanks, guys x

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