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City Trotters flowing in the notes of Gypsy music (Lyon)


Greetings to All,

After the first successful gathering of the City Trotters. As proposed by Deborah Francis who is an active participant of both, our group city trotters as well as Gypsy Lyon Festival, we are taking our first step into exploring a completely different perspective of life from the Gypsy point of view. We assure you that there will not be any traveling involved. Under this umbrella of a culture entirely different from the city life we are habituated to, we Invite you all to experience the strings of the Gypsies, the vibrant colors and their lively dance, an open air event with a heady mix of all that makes life Beautiful. All this bought to us within Lyon at the Gypsy Lyon Festival.

As always there is no entrance fee. For food and drinks there are moderately priced stalls which are as much variant as the event itself.. This event will be held on the 26th of May Protected content . We believe this is an excellent opportunity to conduct a gathering, there is something to suit the taste of all.

We have elaborated a bit on the programmes that will be hosted at the festival on this day below.

Gypsy music is a general term for the East-European music that are played in Pubic places, since this kind of music has been propagated by the gypsies it came to be known by their name. Consisting of mainly stringed instruments occasionally augmented by wind instruments this kind of music is very pleasant to the ears.

17:30 (Forasteros) – Flamenco Dance; a combination of music and dance generating from southern spain, noteworthy for the combination of energy and grace at the same time.

19:30 (Unicum Orchestra) – A conduction of music of the Balkans and from other regions. Balkan music originates from south eastern Europe and is more traditional in nature.

21:00 (Les Doigts de l’Homme) – This is a Jazz performance also known as Gypsy Jazz with roots in France and mainly Paris. This was bought into being by guitarist Jean “Django” Reinhardt.

22:30 (Dj Soumnakai) – And Finally to end the evening on a high note the DJ experience.

Link for the invitation. please check the link below,
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Further details, please check the link below,
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Event Date
Start date: May 26, Protected content
End date: May 26, Protected content

Event Location
Gros Caillou
Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse
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Email: Protected content
Phone: Protected content


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