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Moving to Lyon with small kids in January

Hi Everyone

We are an Aussie family moving to Lyon in January and have 2 kids (1.5 year old and 4 year old). I have so many questions that I don't know where to start!

Some are:
- Where is best for us to live? My husband will be working right on the park in the 6th and I really want to be living right in the thick of everything (as we speak no french...but learning!) so he can walk to work and I can go to the park with the kids, shop etc without having to get in the car all the time. So...we have picked the 6th as where we would like to live. Thoughts?
- I am planning on putting the two kids in to nursery initially and then would start my older one at a school when the new school year starts next Sept. Thinking of ISL but open to other options. If we chose ISL, is that a ridiculous commute from the 6th?
- As mentioned, we don;t speak french but are starting to learn some before we move. Any tips on helping us when we get there would be great! Really keen too to chat to anyone with kids of a similar age with no french and how you and they coped with that initially
- Buying a car - where is best to look?
- What is the best way to find a good child doctor when we arrive?

My list of questions could go on and on. Any tips would be appreciated. Here is hoping I get lots of answers :-)

Thanks heaps

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