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New experience in Lyon

Dear group,

We are young Spanish couple with a baby who are planning to move to Lyon starting from summer time due to a job opportunity recently received.

We already have some experiece living abroad but not in France so it is not too clear for us how to manage, for example, the taxation system, prices of renting, sanity service (mainly for the baby) or the cost of living in general.

In general lines and as far as I could learn, the most relevant taxes are:

-Social security, retirement... : Protected content %.
- Income tax: Depending on the salary range and divided into steps of 14%, 30%...
- Housing tax: Depending on the type of house and its location, estimated around Protected content .
- TV tax: Maximum 200€/year.

I could learn that, considering that my wife doesn´t plan to work by now and that our baby will be with us, we can ask for an important deduction of the income tax.

Furthermore, I am considering as an average, a rental of around 100€/month plus around 200€/month for utilities (electricity, water, heating...).

My findings are these ones and now, I would like someone to inform/confirm me if:

- The estimations made above are realistic, or if my estimations are above/below the reality.
- How much can be (as an average) the shopping for a week or a month in Lyon.
- With an estimated salary of arounf Protected content or Protected content net/month (after payment of taxes but BEFORE payment of the rental + utilities) a family can normally live there, or if such salary is not enough.
- In general lines, how the sanity (specially for the baby) is organised in France.
- I am missing something relevant and to be considered in my estimations.
- Someone could give me some additional info such as, suitable areas where to find housing (quality-safety-price) or some other information to be considered prior to move to Lyon.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration.

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