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Do you like the Opera? Have you seen one of the famous opera of Mozart, "The Magic Flute"?

Here is how it starts: Lost a journey in a strange country, Prince Tamino is attacked by a snake (in German "Schlange While vanishes, sure to die, he is rescued by three ladies of honor of the Queen of the Night. while the prince is still unconscious, the three ladies sing the beauty of the young man. They decide to bring the news to their queen. They showed a picture of the Queen's daughter who is captured by Sarastro. The Price fell in love with her and he decided to go and get her back...

To find out more, come and listen to this opera. The scenes are presented in French by the actors to understand the story (but they sing in German) with beautiful costumes created especially for each interpreter.

Salle Victor Hugo
33, rue Bossuet Protected content

Thursday, November 15, Protected content p.m.
Saturday, November 17, Protected content p.m.

Admission: € 25
Students: € Protected content 12 free)

Presented by: Opera Sotto Voce Protected content
Direction: Elizabeth Piaton
Director: Denis Lejeune

To buy tickets or reserve your places:

A Capella (a music store behind the National Opera of Lyon)
OPERA SOTTO VOCE Protected content

For more information, please feel free to contact me or just visit the website: Protected content

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