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PR PA VA : marketing, travel, event (Lyon)


I am Gwendoline Perret, owner of Interface ComEvent, with which I do PR PA and VA services for my clients throughout the world.

My areas of expertise are as follow :
-planning bespoke high quality tours and events in Europe and France for French, European, and worldwide clients (I also own bespoke travel and event agency),
-helping foreign companies and brands to develop their businesses in France (translation, cultural adjustments, network, on site full PR PA and VA services),
-planning seminars and pro events for diverse companies,
-welcoming and carrying French company's clients, business partners, planning their stays... in France and border countries,
-carrying worldwide companies' French / Euro clients to visit in foreign countries...
-planning and carrying students and groups with special needs throughout Europe and France.

Some of my previous clients and partners :
-DC for Data
-BET Matillon
-Veuve Cliquot
-A. Lallemant
-Public schools

If you are looking for someone who an assist your company to develop, for an extra hand to help you with marketing / PA / VA services or for someone to plan the perfect bespoke travel whether it is for your family / friends / clients or business partners, do contact me.

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