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Pure Relaxation Massage Therapy. (Lyon)

Feeling stressed in today's society is pretty much inevitable.
Do you need to relax & unwind?!

I am fully qualified massage therapist in Californian, Swedish and Balinese massages. I am proposing a full range of massage therapies and anti stress management programmes.


Invigorating massage/Morning - It's invigorating massage that awakens the body with essential oils - rosemary, ginger, ravintsara Protected content

Antistress massage/Evening - This is relaxing massage with essential oils - lavender, neroli, chamomile Protected content

Tired Feet Massage - Soft and relaxing massage for your feet with essential oils - lavender, mint Protected content

Beautiful Hands/Nails - stimulating massage with essential oils - rosehip, cistus, geranium, lavender Protected content

Anti-Aging Facial Massage (beauty, wrinkle) - This massage is against stress with essential oils - rosewood geranuim (against wrinkles), lemon Protected content

Massage Express - This is relaxing massage with essential oils - marjoram, lavender, neroli, chamomile - Ideal against the tiredness Protected content

Karissa Massage - This is massage for whole body & beautiful skin - ylang-ylang, rosewood, lavender Protected content

Black Chocolate Massage - This massage is relaxing for whole body- Ideal for recharging skin. Very relaxing & soothing Protected content

I recommend booking massage reservations in advance, please telephone: Protected content

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