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Renting a ladder (Lyon)


HAHAA sounds so random.
Hello Internations! I am here in Lyon and am trying to furnish my apartment, get things organized. SO I am hoping to hang some curtains but I believe I need a ladder that can reach at least 3.5 to 4 meters!
I thought it was sort of silly to go out and buy a huge ladder to use maybe once. Does anyone know of a place to rent things like drills, hammers, tools, and if I am lucky, a giant ladder??? Yes I looked on google and on petites annonces-type websites.
If anyone has such a wonderful ladder to lend, I would be happy to reciprocate by cooking a mad delicious Vietnamese (or other kind) meal for you. Or if you prefer liquid sustenance, I would offer you some drinks! Chit-chat included.
Have a great day!
-je parle français/hablo español if anyone prefers to contact me in one of those languages

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