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Test this treatment lots of benefits! I recommend! (Lyon)

Hello Internations
My Name is Ryan Wilson, US expat living in Lyon for 7 Years. Last year I was certified as a Marma Therapist from the Sri Sri Ayurvéda School. Here is a word about this treatment that might be interesting for some of you.
The Marma treament comes from the ancient scien of Ayurvéda (natural, holistic medicine from India). Marmais the name of vital energy point in the body where there is a concentration of prana (life-force energy). This treatment promotes the flow of pranain the body, muscles, joints and revitalizes organes. Balancing the enitre mind-body complex, marma can aide in the release of mental blocks as well. Reported benefits are : relief from pain and stress, peace of mind, balancing of bio-energies (doshas) and deep rest.

This time of year is particulary beneficail for this type of treatment. As with every change of season imbalances can occur with the change in weather. As autumn sets in and the days gets shorter, cold winds and rain often lead to the sicknesseswe all know too well. According to Ayurvéda this time can increase vata (bio-energy related to air, space, movement, coldness etc..) which is the cause for most autumnal illnesses.

I am available for treaments if you wish to make a reservation.50€ for 1h30 for the treament, relaxation and "come-back" time. or 135€ for a cycle of 3 treaments.

Ryan Wilson- Marma Thérapeute (Soin Ayurvédique)
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