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15 Reasons to Visit Lyon

15 Reasons to Visit Lyon

Lyon is a diverse place which offers a lot: great food, historical heritage, modern architecture and exceptional events. But what I love most about Lyon is the original and authentic French feel and the Lyonnais people. So get ready to visit Lyon …because there are 15 reasons why you should do so!

It is true! I am totally in love with Lyon and you need to forgive me as when I am passionate about something I am always 100% dedicated to the case. So, now I am 100% dedicated to Lyon! I fell in love with it at first sight and so I decided to explore the city and this only made me love it even more. So now I feel it is high time for me to share this love for Lyon with you show you why you should choose to visit Lyon!

There are many reasons to choose Lyon over other places.  Lyon is the ideal place to discover the real France and better than Paris for sure! Paris is so international nowadays that you don’t need to struggle with speaking French there. But Lyon is authentic. There are not many people who speak English, therefore you are forced to try to speak some French. Even though Lyonnais people don’t make much of an effort to speak English they are very helpful, funny, and talkative.

But of course there is more. These are my top 15 reasons to visit Lyon:

So I could really keep writing more as, to put it simply, j’adore Lyon. I have already chosen Lyon to visit and now to settle down in! How about you?


Aga Marchewka is a Pole who loves exploring different cultures, and the differences and similarities between them. She has just moved to Lyon and started to learn a bit more about the French. Not having any experience with France whatsoever, not speaking any French as of yet, she has been gaining many observations about the French lifestyle, places to visit in France and sharing them on her blog, while starting to learn this beautiful, yet so difficult, language and slowly settling in in France.

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