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Top Six Language Schools for Learning French in Lyon

Your expat assignment in France is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your language skills, especially because everyday life gives you countless opportunities to practice your French. InterNations member Aga introduces you to the six best language schools for learning French in Lyon.

Learning a foreign language is a beautiful thing. It’s a dream of many people to just stop everyday life and take a break from daily routine, work and school, to go abroad and learn the language and culture of the country they like a lot. For many people this is France!

You will not argue with me if you heard the latest news on France being the top holiday destination in Europe with 84 million tourists last year. People do love France and its language. Many people do come to France for holidays but more and more of them visit France and live here for a few months to learn French, discover France and its culture, and, finally, to meet French people and make international friends.  I am not exactly this person but I met many international students and I did start taking a French class in Lyon. Therefore I can happily share with you my recommendations on the top language schools to learn French in Lyon.


  • Alliance Française de Lyon is a private language institution of over 800 schools in about 137 countries, with one of them in the center of Lyon. It is one of the biggest and the most recognized language schools worldwide. Here in Lyon it has about 2,600 students from over 130 countries each year. It provides very good quality intensive or extra-intensive courses at all levels, available in the mornings or in the evenings  all year long. This is a modern school which is well-equipped and has a very good team of educated teachers. They use new technology and interesting teaching methods, they organize a lot of cultural activities and events for its students. The school also offers help with arranging accommodation with families or in dormitories.


  • Lyon Bleu International is another well-known and very good private school here in Lyon. It has been operating since 1999 and provides professional trainings which are certified by the French government. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of French language courses at every level. Its teachers also use new and interesting teaching methods and the school also offers administration help for students.


  • Ecole Interculturelle de Français is another big and well known school in Lyon. It teaches regular language courses as well as so-called "Workshops", designed to help students use their newly-acquired language skills outside of the classroom and take part in the life of the city.  The school also organizes a variety of cultural and community events for its students and helps them to organize the accommodation in Lyon.


  • Berlitz is the world’s premier provider of language training and intercultural service available in more than 70 countries. It has 28 centers across France and two in Lyon. The school uses a specific teaching method:  it focuses on using language as a tool for communication. It is called "The Berlitz Method" and has been implemented by other languages schools where it proofed to be successful. Berlitz is known for having a very good team of educated and experienced teachers and offers the most comprehensive portfolio of programs as well as translation and interpretation services.


  • Birdwell Institute is a bit different. This private language school is much more developed in terms of what course types it offers. It provides not only standard French language courses but many training courses in French as a foreign language such asManagement trainingorIntercultural training.ŒCourses are individually tailored to the needs and levels of the students. There are also business courses which focus on telephone conversations, e-learning, or virtual classroom technology. So this is a very good school not only to learn French but also to improve your already existing language skills.


  • Inflexyon - Intercultural Center of Lyon is a language school which has been operating in Lyon since 2006. From the beginning, this private institution has provided an innovative and dynamic teaching program for each student with small classroom sizes. It offers a “general French course” and 12 workshops for skill development. The school works with different course formulas:  17, 27 or 30 lessons per week to meet the students’ preferences. There is also experienced and nice staff who will always assist you with any administrative problems straight away.


Obviously there are many more languages schools in Lyon but I believe my list above gives you a very good impression of the most popular ones.

I hope you found this useful and helpful and you will consider coming over to France to learn French. I would just add at the end: the best place to choose to learn French in France is obviously my beloved Lyon. And this is not only because it is beautiful and historical city which has a lot to offer, but also because it has welcoming Lyonnais people.


Aga Marchewka is a Pole who loves exploring different cultures, and the differences and similarities between them. She has just moved to Lyon and started to learn a bit more about the French. Not having any experience with France whatsoever, not speaking any French as of yet, she has been gaining many observations about the French lifestyle, places to visit in France and sharing them on her blog, while starting to learn this beautiful, yet so difficult, language and slowly settling in in France.

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