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How does the rental market in theNetherlands work? (Maastricht)

I'm moving to Roermond or Echt or a place near by, in september. I'm renting out my apartment in Oslo and is now trying to figure out the system of renting a flat in the Netherlands.
As for now I've only found apartments rented out through an agenzy, but the agenzy fees are extremely high. They tell me I have to pay one month rent Protected content % VAT. To me this seams insane. That I have to pay the agenzy a fee to be able to pay the rent for the flat.
In Norway (and my experience about renting in England) if I where to rent out my apartment and than wanted to use an agenzy, couse I didn't wanna do the job myself, I would have had to pay 1 month or half a month to the agent. The tentat has nothing to do with me not wanting to work. Its good though that I'm only looking for an apartment for under €600. Think of paying the agent €1. Protected content % VAT...

Is it like this all over? Do anyone know if its possible to find apartments without an aganzy?

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