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Swap and Transform (Maastricht)

Hello everyone!
You are invited to the "Swap & Transform" an event that combines our successful swap shop with a DIY up-cycling workshop! This event is held on Saturday, April 25 at 12:00pm - 4:00pm at Capucijnenstraat 120, Protected content Maastricht.

You can come swap or up-cycle or even do both! The swap shop and up-cycling workshop will run parallel to each other in the same awesome location.

Shop & Go Maastricht is working with In the InnBetween for their “InnBetween Weekend Activity” at their brand new location BEHIND Circumflex’s building ‘De Kaap’.
The location will be sign posted on the day of the event!

Come check out these awesome initiatives while meeting new people and socializing over tea, coffee and snacks provided by InnBetween.

How does the swap shop work?

Think about those clothes, shoes and accessories you have in the back of your closet that you never wear, these are the perfect things to swap for things you will wear!

This is how it works:
1. bring the items that you want to swap
2. receive a token in return to represent the amount of items you brought
3. browse all the swappable items and choose the amount represented on your token
4. walk away with lots of awesome new items!

If you have lots of stuff you could give to swap but want nothing in return? Just drop them off and we will make sure they go to a new home.
Or do you have nothing to swap but still want to come? No problem! We will give you a token for participating and you can find something for sure.
Please only bring clothing you are happy to donate. Anything you are worried about its worth, please sell them via the group or the next flea-market event.

There will be separate sections for male and female clothes, shoes and accessories and will be organized for what category they are a part of (e.g. bottoms, tops etc.)
Any items that don't get swapped will be donated to the refugees in Maastricht.

How does the up-cycling workshop work?

Parallel to the swap shop, there will be an area where you can up-cycle clothes to transform them to new uses.
-We will be giving some demonstrations on some easy and quick, no sewing tutorials.
-We will also offer some picture instructions so you can give it a shot yourself! All materials needed like scissors etc. will be provided thanks to the InBetween.

Participation costs 2 euros per person and will be charged upon arrival.
(The swap shop and up-cycling workshop are the same event and therefore participants wanting to do only one or the other will still be charged 2 euros). All money will go to Shop & Go Maastricht to cover organization costs.

Don’t miss the chance to learn a new skill and walk away with some awesome new things! See you there :)

The swap shop is supported by Darpdecade

Check out the exact location here: Protected content

Find the link of the event on Facebook : Protected content

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