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Mixed Media Professional (Madagascar)

Hi all,
I am a wildlife and conservation cameraman and photographer. I have accomplished numerous international placements in Wildlife film festivals, predominantly for underwater subjects and also been published numerous times regarding Terrestrial species and efforts to document and conserve them.

Broadcast wise I am also the recipient of an Emmy Award for Cinematography for contributions to National Geographic programming.

I am putting out feelers as it were as I'm planning to potentially shift my base of operations from my current location in Japan where there is limited wildlife to Madagascar where stock media acquisition potential is huge.

I am also proficient in video production, a one man band of skills to be able to create promotional and corporate video presentations. I have the cameras and editing systems to be able to 'hit the ground running' so to speak should I decide to make the move.

At this time I would like to simply put my information out there and welcome any discussions with people or entities who may be able to use these skill sets in the long term.

Sincere regards,

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