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1 month old black kittens need a home URGENTLY (Madrid)

Home urgently wanted for a brother and sister pair of kittens. They are 3 weeks old, no markings, completely black fur like the Nights Watch! The cat sanctuaries are full and not accepting any more cats. These two were found very malnourished in an abandoned garden. I've taken them to the vet and gave them a worming tablet and treated for parasites. They are eating well and starting to be little lions, play-fighting and exploring their surroundings.
Its impossible for me to keep them as I have two cats already and can't afford to support them. By next weekend they will have to go back out on the street as I am going away on holidays. Please send me an email if interested or know someone that might be. I can send photos. These two really are adorable.
I'm not sure if this link will work but there are photos on my facebook: Protected content

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