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A brief history of Madrid Stew (Cocido Madrileño)

Cocido Madrileño is Madrid's signature meal. Even the most demanding monarchs have succumbed to the charms of such a tasty treat. And few people can resist a delicious stew, washed down with a good wine and fresh bread.

Carlos I and his son Felipe II were big fans of the pot and at the time of Felipe III was a very common dish in court. The Bourbons also liked as nutritious delicacy, Fernando VI held it all year except the summer months.
The Madrid version is based on a first course of soup with noodles (also common bread soup), a dish of cooked chickpeas with steamed vegetables (carrots, cabbage, potatoes, turnips, ...) and finally presents the source plate with chopped cooked meat (shank, bacon, sausage, black pudding, ham, ...).

After the success of our first winter Cocido Madrileño Pot(we ran out), This

wednesday 17 November from 13h to 17h. Canela FOOD & MUSIC & DRINK is holding their second Gran Cocido Madrileño.

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