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Acquire NIE in Madrid

Hi there,
After having looked at all the necessary details, having arranged everything mandatory, I have come to Madrid to acquire my NIE.
All expat sites I have looked at, have claimed, that without an appointment you can walk into an oficina de extranjeros, or a relevant police station, and get your NIE the same day, in case you have all the documents available and have paid the necessary fee at the bank.
Having been redirected Protected content , now I ended up requesting an appointment at the website, but still not sure I am doing 100% the right thing.
The form, referred to here is EX-18 Solicitud de certificado de registro
de residencia comunitaria, instead of EX-15, Solicitud de Numero de Identidad de Rxtranjero (NIE), that I have filled in originally.
Can someone please confirm this is correct, as I really would like to avoid waiting, and putting in further efforts into something, that is not the correct direction.
The aim is simply to get my NIE.

Many thanks for any help in advance!
Best Regards,

Eszter Godor

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