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Any Suggestions Where to Find 6 month rentals? (Madrid)

Hi All

I'm staying in a temporary sub-let for January while I figure out what area of Madrid I'd like to be located in.
I'll need a more permaent place starting in Feb and would prefer an affordable 2 bedroom apartment somewhere where the landlord does not live on site (have had nightmares of nosy and crazy landlords in pats so this is now a stipulation of mine-as I like to keep my peace and my sanity) and where I can get a 6 month lease. I realize this is a tall order, but perhaps someone has a place they want to sublet ,or know of someone who owns a place and is travleing for a year, or knows a place where this is possible?

Even just reccos on some places where things are done honestly/above board would be great.

i'm not looking to pay a search agent a bunch of fees

and I am currently looking on Idealista



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