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Anybody also completely new in Madrid?

Hello everyone !!!
It's a pleisure for me to be a member of this great organization and I hope it'll help me a lot to get in touch with new people, who are in the same situation as me:
I'm already staying in Madrid since one week and a half. Since last monday, I also have an internship at E.ON Renovables for four weeks and I'm going to stay here until the 15th of August.
My problem: I don't want to spend much of the valuble time here alone and in a such a big city it isn't very easy to meet new people, who are also interested in new experiences.
So my question: Is there anybody who also stays quite alone (or in a group, where I can also appear !? ) here in Madrid and wants to get to know other people ? For me, it's very important to get as far new and exciting information and experiences in this foreign country and this city as possible :)
So if you are interested, I'd love to get some feedback !!! :)

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