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Areas to live in betw Santander and N.E Madrid

Hello there!

We're moving to Madrid in the new year and would love some advice on areas to consider for renting an apartment/house.

We are a family of four, and will probably be in Madrid for between Protected content .

Our children will be attending one of the international schools - at the moment there are places for both of them at City Country School, St. Georges, and Hastings. City Country and Hastings are not too far from each other around the Tetuan/Charmartin areas, while St. Georges is in the North East of the city in Soto de la Moraleja.

My husband, however, will be working at Santander, near Boadilla del Monte, West of the city.

So... what to do?

We are not really suburban people, having lived in cities (Lisbon, Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne...) for the last 10 years or so. However, we have never lived in a city as large as Madrid.

Any advice on areas that might be in easy reach of Santander for my husband, but also close (ish) to the schools?

As I said, we're not really suburbanites, and would love a bit of character, but also would appreciate areas reasonable enough for children to live in! Our kids are 9 and 6 years of age.

And friendly areas... !!

Any help or suggestions would be hugely, hugely appreciated!

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