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Bankia Account holders needed for paid research (Madrid)

Do you have a bit of free time and want to use that to earn some money? At Consumer Intelligence, we are looking for people holding bank accounts in Spain to join our global network of banking researchers.

Did you know that many banks add “hidden fees” to the international transfers you make? They do this by adjusting the exchange rate they offer, in addition to the fees they tell you about.
Our client wants to make sure that they are keeping the cost to their customers as low as possible, so we need your help to find out what the “hidden fees” charged by their competitors are.

For this, we are looking for people holding a Cuenta ON account with Bankia.

What would you need to do?
•Account set-up: check your account is suitable & shows the necessary information (e.g. can you make international transfers via online banking)
•Collection period: each day for one week (Mon-Fri) you will send small transactions (c. €30 EUR) to a few specified accounts (we will provide the funds for this!) and take screenshots to show the exchange rate and any fees applied (c. 1 hour’s work per day).
•We will then use this information for our client to show the hidden cost of using each bank account for international transfers.
•If all goes well, we would like to repeat this collection every three months

The fee for this would be up to 25 GBP per hour for the time required for initial account set-up/checking. Up to a maximum of Protected content .

Then for each collection period, the fee would be a minimum of Protected content up to Protected content .

If you, or any of your friends / family, would be interested to work with us as a banking researcher, please contact us at Protected content . Also, if you do not currently hold an account with the above, but would be interested in opening one for this project, please let us know!

You can find out more about our company on our website: Protected content

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