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Bringing My Music to Spain in 17 Days! (Madrid)


I'm a singer-songwriter/recording artist/filmmaker based in the U.S. (Los Angeles) and I'll be traveling to Spain in just 17 days(!) to reside for a month in Madrid and perform my music in as many places as possible. I'm also hoping to film a documentary about the experience while I'm there.

(If you like, you can check out Protected content , where you'll be able to access various online spots that feature my work and more detailed information about me.)

You may hear my latest album (*Expatriates*) in its entirety (and for free!) at Protected content . For the next two days, digital downloads of the album at BandCamp are only $5 USD, in an effort to sell Protected content to assist with tour support.

Please feel free to share this info with as many people as you can. I'm really looking forward to being based in Madrid and taking my music abroad, where it has always enjoyed the best reception.



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