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Buying a house in Madrid - advice needed.


I am looking to buy a house in Madrid. I have been looking for a while but have finally found one that I love and am now ready to make an offer.

I have been looking on various websites trying to figure out how the process works, but it seems quite confusing and there is a bit of conflicting information. What I do see is that I need to find a lawyer to help with the process. Can anyone recommend me a Madrid based Lawyer who specialises in property transactions? If they are English speaking then that would be a bonus. Or is there a web directory for these kind of services?

Also, I have no idea how to get an estimate of the valuation of the property I am looking at - I only have the seller´s asking price to go by which I am sure is very high. Are there any websites that could help or even people that offer advice on house buying for a fee?

Any tips would be much appreciated.



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