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Do you want to get fit FOR FREE? (Madrid)

Hey guys,

Well this is the deal! As I have done it, I mean, gotten fit and I would like to share that knowledge I have gained throughout the process.

I am not a professional, so let's say, I can guide standard cases, people out of fit that want to start taking it seriuously but always having fun!

I feel so sorry when I see people in the park without any idea of what they are doing and the day after I dont see them any more, maybe because the sore in their muscles or the feeling of incapability that remains when you run out of breathing, that it is enough to take the decision to do it for free.

I have lost like 14 kg in less than a year, and feel great, much better, better mood and of course healthier! :)

I will try to train one day per week with you and talk about the process and the following steps and the rest of the training send it via email.

Please if you are interested, send me a private message!

See you in the park!!



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