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education in Spain & job-prospects (Madrid)

Does anyone know whether Spanish employers have a preference for candidates with Spanish vs. non-Spanish educational credentials?

I would love to relocate to Spain sooner rather than later and pursue a Master's degree in Marketing, however... if I were to do that at one of the private English-speaking Universities, I'd be looking at tuition fees in the range of 15, Protected content Euro/year.... (public Universities in Spain, as far as I know, don't generally offer Master-level education in the English language).

At the same time, I could obtain similar Master's degree from Stockholm University (or, in fact, most of the Scandinavian universities), in English, for zero tuition fees (they still have free education for EU nationals) ... the difference is indeed shocking.

However, my ultimate goal is to live and work in Spain, so employability is the most important factor for me.

I'd appreciate any and all input.

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