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Españoles: Leaders or Followers (Madrid)

I've been living in Madrid for quite some years now, I love this country! full of shiny days and great people. But I have an insight to share, I think Spaniards are having a really bad time facing this economical crisis. They are always complaining, really afraid of the future and blaming everyone (from ZP to their neighbors).
I believe this is a problem of perspective, they feel someone has to help them, to save them, to take care of them (the government, their bosses, their friends or family) But I think they have to learn new ways to create abundance and wealth and not to be so dependable of institutions, companies or government aids. The old ways are dead, the old ways of making money are becoming obsolete... But they are really having a bad time with innovation, change and finding new ways to support themselves and their families.
They tend to copy before innovating, to follow the leader, not to become leaders. You can see examples everywhere... on TV shows (all bad copies of each other), around companies (all executives are more worried about keeping their job than succeeding and evolving), and even in their political life... always fighting, complaining and never working together.
Don't get me wrong, I love Spain! I am truly positive here it is: the real land of opportunities, even my wife is Spanish! Love my family here... but we have to help them to change, we have to inspire people, we have to help Spain to move forward, to create wealth and abundance and become as shiny as their sunny days...
If any one would like to join me in this endeavour... I have a great plan! I would love to share it with you.

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