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Help! Advice needed! (Madrid)

Hi everyone!

I'm new to internations and this forum - I hope it will help me transition with the big move!

I am 23 and coming to Madrid on the 26th August to start teaching in la Rozas near Madrid. All I have so far is a hostel booked for my first nights stay, and I'm feeling rather worried about what next step to take. I dont start at the school until 1st September so i will have a week to find somewhere-I won't have much money either until I get paid 31st August. I have 2 questions:

Firstly, I have been looking for permanent residences in shared apartments online, but of course I can't view them - is it recommended to wait till I get to Madrid before I start looking and how easy will it be once I'm there? And any advice on this at all would be great as I'm very unsure of how to I about this!

Secondly, does anyone know of someone who has a room to let for a week while I find somewhere? I will of course pay!

I'm so excited to be coming to Madrid but also very nervous and a little worried as I dont feel at all prepared. Any info or advice on anything would be perfect!

Thanks guys :)

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