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Interested in returning to Madrid [Long Post]

Hola, me llamo Sean!

Just a quick intro as the title says 'returning'... I spent 5 months in Madrid between Oct Protected content Mar Protected content English but due to a selection of things I ended up coming home missing Madrid and wishing I had done things differently.

A few things went wrong:

1) Moved in with someone I had never met...
2) Didn't have realistic expectations of non-holiday version of living in Spain and the financial crisis.
3) Not enough self belief to make my own decisions and too many people waiting to tell me how I should be living my life.

Since then I've been working to pay off bills, gather a little more maturity and settle my mind.

Things I loved about Madrid:

1) Teaching
2) Parkour (I joined the freerunning group in AZCA)
3) Exciting busy lifestyle...
4) Being in control of what I do.
5) Meeting new people
6) The Sun (not so much the heat jaja)
7) The food... omg yes.
8) The happy culture and interesting people
9) llao llao :P

So overall the combination of these things is why I left less than satisfied with my experience... It could've gone so much better with a few changes.

Long story short I am considering returning in Protected content my own apartment, NIE, work etc.

I do have a few questions though...

How much do I have to look to earning to live a modest life in my own apartment/studio? I would like enough to have maybe Protected content spend/save over my bills preferably.

I'm 21 so the metro is only like 35eur with the ticketless system.

How do you get teaching work in the summer?

Where's a good place to find reasonably priced apartments?

Any other considerations? (Like I say I have lived on my own in a sense... I've been responsible for food, rent, bills, before so I know about phone, internet etc).

Thanks for reading if you got through all of this!

Sean ;).

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