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International school recommendation? (Madrid)

Hello, my family will be moving from Toronto to Madrid soon. One of the biggest challenges facing us now is how to choose an international school for our 14-year-old son who'll start Grade 9 in September. There seem to be a wide range of schools , with different curriculum catered to students from different backgrounds. More British and European than North American. My son doesn't speak any Spanish (yet) , neither does my husband nor me. He's an athletic teenager. After a year in triple-A baseball , he was selected to join an elite youth baseball league and has been playing third baseman . He also plays double-A hockey, has been part of rec and school basketball, soccer, volleyball teams , passionate about mountain biking, camping and fishing. It will be quite a transition for him , having to leave behind everything he's familiar with in the past 14 years, his friends, and his baseball team .... It will undoubtedly take some time for him to adjust, and we're hoping to find a school in Madrid where he can learn , thrive , feel a sense of belonging and make new friends. I would deeply appreciate if you could share your advice , insight, thoughts, experience on international schools in Madrid, either as parents or educators. as well as any information on local youth baseball team(s) that my son could potentially join to continue his passion. Much obliged....thank you kindly in advance.

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