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Looking for an exceptional Spanish Teacher? (Madrid)

When I came to Spain, I heard from so many people how the Vaughan Method of learning English helped them. It sounded like the perfect program for me, only I needed it in reverse. I wanted a Spaniard to teach me Spanish using the Vaughan method. I looked for this for a year and never found it. I assumed the reverse method didn’t exist until I saw Alicia’s ad in InterNations. I contacted her and I’ve been so impressed with the Vaughan Method, and especially in her teaching skills, that I felt compelled to write this for anyone who was/is in my same situation. I came to Spain knowing close to no Spanish, but even after a year of classes, I still felt like I could not express myself in even the most basic ways. After I started taking classes with Alicia, my confidence and ability to speak (and know the difference between ser and estar) increased dramatically. My grammar classes at other schools helped me understand the verbs, but only the dynamic, interactive classes with Alicia where I speak most of the class, has helped me improve my speaking ability. So, I’m sharing the wealth, so that if you desire a fun class, with a dynamic, patient and most excellent teacher who knows her stuff, you know who to call: Alicia Pérez . You can search for her on Internations.
(If you need anymore information, feel free to contact me also.)

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