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New real life game / event for Expats (Madrid)

Hi Everyone,

I will be moving to Madrid in about 2 months and I will be looking to creating a business there. This would be my first of this kind and if it is possible, I would like to know what you think about this idea.

I am gamer and love playing games of all sorts, from Escape Rooms to simple boardgames and urban races. Not a big fan of video any more. I am also a person who knows 4 languages and has struggled to learn them, too.

What if there was game with a main purpose (80%) to entertain. But, let's say within the gameplay, there is the ability to learn the local language in a pragmatic way. Not like a 'I stuff grammar rules down your throat' or anything, but simple notions and facts and things about the city and culture that can make the everyday living a little more easier.

Lastly, the language being taught is tailored to each player's current level. Players are graded on their initial level and matched with similar ones, accordingly.

So, an example would be a multiplayer game, in English, that allows you to play with your friends or with those who have signed up for the session. If it is a race/solving puzzles game, the level of Spanish (because we are in Madrid) would be tailored to the level of the classs (beginner to fluent). You have a blast, play a 1 hour game in the city center and potentially, meet new people who share the similar interestes and practice a Spanish level close to yours.
I call it "Learning Games".

Could a game like this work in the Expat world? If so, are there features or things you would have to have that would make the experience more fun!?

Thanks in advance for all of your inputs!

Best regards,


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