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PaGAGnini show (Madrid)

Should you want to enjoy a great music-humour show this summer, don't miss PaGAGnini, returning to Madrid from Aug 21 to Oct 13 at Teatro Caser Calderón.

Coproduced by brilliant violinist and showman Ara Malikian, and theater company Yllana, one of the best humour companies in Spain, if not the best. All what they both do is genial. PaGAGnini combines music with body-language humour (so, no language problems) in a concert featuring a series of classical masterpieces fused with other styles and played by four great musicians, led by musical director Ara Malikian.

If you haven't seen it in your home country (they tour all over the world), don't miss this chance. I've already seen it twice (Munich and Madrid), and I fully recommend it to you all. Enjoy it :-)

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