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Rooms for Adult Experiential Education in Madrid

Hi dear IN Friends!

I am a transformation and Quantum Intelligence trainer and part of a team who frequently organize weekend’s transformation trainings, the most impacting experiential Education for Adults, therefore I often look for hotel rooms or event places for around 50 people. I’m opening this forum to create agreements and open possibilities to have new places in Madrid centre.

So I want to explore if in internations are people who know well the rooms for events market and could have contacts to make long term agreements.

If you you are courious what we do, here some definitions taken from noetic science institute what matches with our work:

Consciousness: In our work, personal consciousness is awareness—how an individual perceives and interprets his or her environment, including beliefs, intentions, attitudes, emotions, and all aspects of his or her subjective experience. Collective consciousness is how a group (an institution, a society, a species) perceives and translates the world around them.

Consciousness transformation: A fundamental shift in perspective or worldview that results in an expanded understanding of self and the nature of reality.

Worldview: The beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and assumptions through which we filter our understanding of the world and our place in it.

Your daily actions, effectiveness, relationships and experience of life is deeply connected with this, What we do is giving you the opportunity to perceive, redesign and transform your relation with your consciousness how you find is more effective for you, while you are having fun, risking and learning to create Power, Freedom and Passion in your lives.

I thank all the possible comments or advices which could help.

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