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Scam from a phony member (Madrid)

I've recently been approached via PM here from a member who, it is obvious to me , was trying to draw me into a scam. I have done my research and found out that the ID this person used is one known to be used by scammers. Much of the "info" sent to me in this person's messages doesn't stack up and is amateurishly presented and desperately poorly written. The attempted scam was one of these deceased-relative-with-a-large-amount-of-money-in-a-dormant-account-types. The scammer has created a profile in Internations in an apparent attempt to lend their identity some tiny measure of credibility.

I have searched the site to find out how I can report the scam and get this ID investigated and removed but have found nothing so far. Can anybody help? Obviously, other members may be targeted and I want to prevent the criminals from doing so, or at least make it as difficult as possible. Please advise

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