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Should we live in the city? (Madrid)

Hi there,

Well, my husband has landed in Madrid and is currently staying in temporary accommodation in Argüelles until our kids and I arrive in February.

Schools have been found. Check.

Accommodation... To do list.

I have to start booking appointments on his behalf, to view long term rentals, to view and sign before we arrive, as soon as possible.

However, our dilemma is thus. Do we stick to the city, in which he already, after just 2 days, feels very at home... but have the kids take the school bus out to Alcobendas? Or should we live in Alcobendas... but without a car?

I don't drive. Eek. I can drive, but, well, don't do it.

I am a public transport taking, city walking, park exploring, cafe and cake loving, weird and wonderful shop hunting, history obsessed, alternative type! Well, the whole family is, I a funky, fun way of course ;-).

So, would we be crazy to consider Alcobendas, or are we more mad thinking the kids should take the bus, while we bake (literally in July) in culture and parks in Madrid?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

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