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Two interesting photo exhibitions. (Madrid)

At the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas (in short "Academia del Cine"), in C/. Zurbano, 3 (metro Alonso Martinez), you can still see an interesting photo exhibition, which has been extended till June 14th: América y los 60', by American photographer Lawrence Schiller. It makes a quick graphic and written view of some important events of that decade. Even though it doesn't show many photos (just 25), all of them are very interesting. Especially for girls, very nice photos of Paul Newman, Robert Redford & Clint Eastwood (all young and handsome, of course). And for men, super-icon Marilyn Monroe. More details here:
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But as only one photo wouldn't be fair to show Marilyn's beauty, the exhibition at the Academy is directly linked to another exhibition of the same photographer, at gallery Mondo Galería (C/. San Lucas, 9, very close), where she's the only (and brightest) star: "Marilyn and Me and More". Big nice pictures of one of the most beautiful photographic icons of the last century in all her splendor. This latter exhibition runs till July 15th.

Have you got Eur 5, Protected content to spend and don't know what to buy? I wouldn't have any problem to accept one of those photos as a gift.

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