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Category: Members’ Choice Award

For a team that consistently receives high event ratings from our new feedback feature as well as lots of positive feedback and comments from our members.


2017 Winners: Liam Crow, Zsofia Vincze, Samira Mojaver, Samineh Mojaver, Adrienn Óbert, and Erika Reich, as well as Newcomers’ Ambassadors Davide Di Fazio and Zita Teimel in Budapest

2017 Honorable Mention: Ahmed Ramadan and Berni Williams in Cairo


Why They Won

The Members’ Choice Award reflects the Ambassadors’ strong connection to our members and how they meet a wide variety of unique expectations and needs based on their particular community. In order to determine this year’s Members’ Choice, we scoured the new feedback feature where members can rate and provide comments after each event. We chose communities with consistently high ratings and who also receive positive responses throughout our platform. We researched photos for smiling faces, excellent setups on event nights, and members who are outspokenly happy about their experience.

This year’s winner was our Budapest team, which consists of an InterNations Official Events Team and a Newcomers’ Team (organizing events specifically for our very newest members).

One of our jury members describes their win best:

“In the rapidly growing Budapest Community, teamwork really makes the dream work! With three events per month, three teams, and two Ambassadors per team, the Budapest team offers unique events, high ratings, great communication, excellent team work, and fabulous photos. And since June 2016, Davide and Zita joined the team as our Newcomers’ Ambassadors, welcoming our newest members and making them feel at home abroad, while also supporting their fellow Ambassadors at the official events.”


In your opinion, what do members seem to appreciate most about your team and your events?

Adrienn: The most important thing that our members appreciate is that we really try to pay attention to them. I personally like to talk to them, notice their name, job or nationality, and listen to them as well. I try to be active in the community’s life: answer the messages and questions, help them in different situations, etc. and I try to participate in the InterNations Newcomers’ and Official Events. I also try to attend some group events, because it is easier to meet and get to know our members when there is not such a big crowd. Another reason why members like us are our events: we try varying the different venues, we regularly come up with some creative themes, and we make our programs a little more diverse and exciting.


What do you do at your events to make the newest members of the InterNations Budapest Community feel welcome?

Davide and Zita (Newcomers’ Ambassadors): We try to create a friendly atmosphere by greeting our attendees at the entrance and having a quick chat with them asking where they come from and how their first impression of Budapest was. Later on, before letting the members mingle with each other, we present InterNations and the Budapest community and ask the members to say a few words about themselves to break the ice and get to know the rest of the group. The venue we choose and their staff also plays an important role : their smile and hospitality helps the newcomers to feel welcome.

What is some of the best feedback you’ve received from our newest members in Budapest?

Davide and Zita (Newcomers’ Ambassadors): We have received positive feedback about our welcoming attitude and the help we offer in providing information about the community and information about the city. But our most valued feedback is to see the attendees coming back to the Newcomers’ Event on several occasions, and also to see them active and attending InterNations events.


What is some of the best feedback you’ve received from more established members?

Adrienn: The best feedback is when I receive a “thanks for organizing” message the next day, or when people come to me before they leave just to be thankful. That’s the best sign of recognition, I guess.

Erika: We get it personally, sometimes they come to us and show how grateful they are and what a good job we did. It feels good!

Samira: I always listen to feedback and try to use it for my future events and it helped me a lot. Members have also thanked me many times because of my efforts to make events more interesting with new ideas like adding fashion shows or raffle prizes or special themes. Basically, I enjoy organizing events a lot and it shows, and I'm very happy to be a part of the InterNations Budapest Community.


Congratulations to our Budapest Team for being 2017’s winners for the Members’ Choice Awards, as well as our honorable mentions in Cairo, Ahmed Ramadan and Berni Williams. The greatest compliment you can get is appreciative and happy members!


About the Winners:

Sister duo, Samira Mojaver and Samineh Mojaver (Iran), organize the first of three official events per month. Memorable events include their annual luxurious billionaires’ party and hot summer Cuban event.

Adrienn Óbert and Erika Reich (Hungary) organize the second monthly event and are the queens of the theme parties, hosting various dress-up events including a masquerade ball, Halloween party, and red event.

Our longest serving Ambassadors in Budapest, Liam Crow (USA) and Zsofia Vincze (Romania), host the final official event of the month, which are always a grand affair.

Davide Di Fazio (Italy) and Zita Teimel (Hungary) are Budapest’s dedicated Newcomers’ Ambassadors, making our newest members feel welcome. At their monthly events, newcomers have the opportunity to get to know more about InterNations and to meet other like-minded newbies.

A special shout out goes to resident event photographer Wolfgang Frenz, Consul of the Budapest Photography Group, for documenting these special nights in the Hungarian capital.

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