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Teamwork Circle of Excellence

Awarded to an Ambassador team that exhibits outstanding teamwork and collaboration.


2018 Winners:

Kaslong Nda, Zenab Mansoor, and Susan Theus in Boston

2018 Honorable Mention:

Hashim Zein, Doris Bourmel, and Esi Martins-Wallace in Lagos


The majority of InterNations official events are hosted by a team of Ambassadors, not just one individual. Some of our teams work together on all events, and others host events on a rotating schedule. In 2018, we searched our 420 communities for teams who are committed to collaboration — either organizing events as a single unit or very fluidly as individuals within the greater team.

The teams who were nominated work together to inspire one shared vision for their community and to support the InterNations mission. Top nominees were great at combining individual skills to strengthen their team. They make key decisions as a single unit, collaborate and brainstorm on new ideas, and make sure every voice on the team is heard.

The selection process was challenging! As being a team player is one of the top attributes we look for when recruiting Ambassadors to the role, naturally there were many incredible teams to consider. But being a team player and a leader is easier said than done, and in the end the Global Awards jury was able to narrow the field.

Why They Won

This year’s winner was the Boston Ambassador team, and one of our jury members explains why they earned this coveted spot: “The Boston Ambassadors have worked diligently on strengthening and growing their community throughout the years while dispersing tasks based on individual abilities. Through rising competition of venues, they have still managed to plan great parties with excellent attendance. Not only do they coordinate very well together, but they communicate promptly and clearly with HQ, and bring expertise when planning creative events and partnering with venues. Zenab and Kaslong, the most long-term Ambassadors, are amazing networkers who are well-known in the community due to their creativity and passion, while Susan brought a helpful new set of eyes and capabilities in 2017. I also want to recognize Diana who was a strong part of the team for many years as well.”

Interview with the Winner

What is your current team setup, and how do you collaborate each month?

Boston Team: We are a team of four with varying expertise in our professional and personal lives. Based on our experience, we complement each other by delegating different tasks based on strengths and ability. For instance, one Ambassador could have a better understanding/rapport with an established venue. Not that we don’t all do, but having one person handle our communications with a venue helps organizing our events so that it goes smoothly.

Do you have a piece of advice for our other teams who organize and host events together each month?

Boston Team: Yes, they should learn to lean on one another. Encourage collaboration and be open to other possibilities. Always try something new even if it appears out of the norm. If you don’t try, you will never know or gain the experience for the future.

In your opinion, what is the key ingredient for being a good team player?

Boston Team: Learning from each other and the community we serve helps us all to work well as a team. We are a diverse group with varying experience and understanding.


Congratulations to the Boston Team for being 2018’s Teamwork Circle of Excellence.

 We would also like to take the opportunity to recognize our honorable mention, Hashim Zein, Doris Bourmel, and Esi Martins-Wallace in Lagos. We applaud your collaborative spirit and look to you as shining examples of what it means to be a team!


About the Winners:

Kaslong Nda is from Nigeria and was raised in Den Haag, The Netherlands. He currently works as a report writer with a local university in the Boston area and has been an Ambassador since 2011. He loves to travel, learn about cultures, and make friends from around the world while also picking up new languages.

Zenab Mansoor was born and raised in Pakistan. After completing her degree in medicine, she decided to move to the US in 2008 for a master’s degree in public health at Harvard. Zenab has traveled extensively around the world, has been an Ambassador since 2013 and loves meeting new people.

Susan Theus is originally from Florida but has resided in Boston since the spring of 2008. She is the Corporate Controller for Boardwalk Property Group. She loves meeting new people from near and far and learning about different cultures and religions.


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