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Best Locations

For the Consul who consistently chooses superb locations, going above and beyond for exciting and top-class activities!


Winner: Claire Wood & Jenny Fearnside — Rome  

Honorable Mention: Carolina Ortega Gutiérrez — Paris


Why They Won

The 2018 winners for Best Locations are Claire Wood and Jenny Fearnside, the Consuls of the unique Rome Unearthed Group. This group is for the adventures of heart, taking its members back to the history of Rome. Activities range from touring Pompei, the Vatican, war time bunkers, and even underwater ancient cities. 

When asked how they choose their locations, Claire and Jenny said, “We are lucky to be in Rome, where there is definitely no shortage of unique and interesting locations. Whenever we get a whiff of something a bit ‘different’, we go for it!”

As for top tips for their fellow Consuls: it’s important to choose a season-appropriate activity that stands out. “We always look for something a bit ‘different’, that people are unlikely to discover on their own,” Jenny says, “or that may require more organization. The Roman classics with a twist are always popular.”

And Claire mentions, “We try to avoid places that are easy to visit alone. As a group, we can get access to places which aren’t usually open, or where guides are only available in Italian.”

When it comes to highlights, both agree that it had to be the visit to the Necropolis under St. Peter’s. Although difficult to arrange and closed to the public for some time, it was extremely special and a truly memorable experience. Another top activity was the “Archaeologist for a Day” event. Jenny shares, “It was very quirky and truly original, in a place most people didn’t even know existed, including ourselves…!”

Hats off to these two Consuls, for whom the sky might not even be the limit!

Congratulations to Claire Wood and Jenny Fearnside in Rome, as well as our honorable mention, Carolina Ortega Gutiérrez in Paris, for impressing all of us with your ability to think outside the box and choose such unique and inspiring locations to host activities. We look forward to seeing what new ideas you come up with in the future!


About the winners:

Claire Wood and Jenny Fearnside are especially active Consuls in our Rome Community. Claire was born in the UK and moved to Rome back in July 2015. Jenny is also from the UK and relocated to the Rome area in December of 2016. Keeping with their international mindset and desire to bring together like-minded expats, we can really see how much they enjoy selecting such historical sites for their interesting and thought-provoking activities. 

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