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Changemakers of the Year

For outstanding Consuls who continue to make a difference in their community and remain dedicated to their initiative.


Winner: Yolanda Lacey — Doha

Honorable Mention: Caroline Schalinski — Rio de Janeiro


Why They Won

Yolanda was nominated for this award for her organizational abilities, personal values and her drive to make the world a better place. She is someone who really does go that extra mile, connecting with local causes and recognizes that members of InterNations Changemakers Groups all share common values and want to achieve a common goal. 

A large part of what Yolanda does so well is organize members to work towards achieving this goal, and the Doha Changemakers Group has been able to make a huge difference in their community, bringing positive change to the lives of lowly paid migrant workers, runaway maids, and also abandoned animals. 

Yolanda really has rallied the support of InterNations members to those most disadvantaged in society, showing them the InterNations spirit — nobody stands alone!

What motivated you to become a Changemakers Consul?

It is my life mission to help those who are less fortunate than me, and to be the voice of the voiceless. I believe strongly that together, we are stronger, louder, and more discernible. To change the community and the world, we need to reach out to those who are THE community, those who make up THE world. With that in mind, there is no better place to start than the InterNations Changemakers. Every single member of the group is there for one simple reason: to help make a difference in whatever capacity they can. With such a powerful common goal, we are so much more coherent and effective in what we attempt to do.

What do you do at your activities to get members excited about your initiative and make it a memorable experience? 

It is the members' empathy that gets them passionate about the initiatives. I aim to be the conduit, bridging the gap directly between those who are in need, and those who are able to provide them with what they need. I give as much background information about the activities as I can, so even before the event, members can feel proximity to the reality of the suffering and pain of those we try to help. 

What are you most proud of when it comes to your group and the difference you are making in the world?

I am most proud of knowing members who genuinely care about alleviating suffering and pain, regardless of religion, race, gender, or species. Because of the members' involvement, we have made a difference in many lives: lowly paid migrant workers, runaway maids, as well as abandoned animals. When they were in distress, feeling anxious and uncertain, our members rallied to their support, showing them that they were not forgotten.

Congratulations to Yolanda Lacey in Doha, as well as our honorable mention, Caroline Schalinski in Rio de Janeiro, for impressing all of us with your fun initiatives and ideas to host new activities!


About the winner: 

Yolanda Lacey is a very dedicated Consul in our Doha Community. She is originally from Hong Kong and moved to Doha in 2018. Keeping up with her upbeat nature and friendly attitude, she loves meeting other global minds and making a difference in her city as a Changemakers Consul.

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