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International Host

For a Consul who is especially well-traveled, getting involved in other communities when they are abroad, crossing borders and connecting global minds!


Winner: Gerardo Amato — Rome

Honorable Mention: Carlo Foscarini — Milan


Why They Won

The winner of the category Best International Host 2018 is Gerardo Amato, Consul of the Musicando Day & Night Group, the Welcome! Group, and the Wine Tasting Group, as well as the Cuisine & Travel Dinner Group in London.

A member of InterNations since 2010 and Consul since 2015, Gerardo feels at home in the international environment of InterNations. “I immediately understood what a fantastic thing it was… I think in diversity we grow and InterNations is just the right place for that.”

Gerardo knows how difficult it can be to move somewhere new, without knowing anyone. Being a world traveler himself, his role as Consul in both Rome and London, has provided the opportunity to share his interests and connect people.

Organizing for four groups in two cities isn’t easy, but Gerardo still makes sure to maintain monthly activities. He manages all of his groups with the same principles of quality and hospitality. He knows how important these qualities are for the members, stating, “for me, even if the cities are different, people are the same.”

Both Rome and London offer amazing opportunities, and while London might have an exceptional food scene, Rome is Gerardo’s home: “Rome is a historic city where culture is present in every corner and it makes me happy to introduce Rome to the world.”

Both as an InterNations member and a Consul, he has had many memorable experiences. “I really like meeting people from all over the world, sharing our lives, even for those few hours.” Of course, the many pictures he takes also help with remembering his great activities.

From dinners to wine tastings, and from concerts to cultural visits (and more), members feel at home at Gerardo’s activities. Whether you’re on a ghost tour of the Eternal City in Rome or having a pint at a historical London pub, you’re guaranteed to make a fantastic memory. 

Congratulations to Gerardo Amato in Rome, as well as our honorable mention, Carlo Foscarini in Milan, for impressing all of us with your welcoming ways and eagerness to host new activities!


About the winner:

Gerardo Amato is an especially active Consul in our Rome Community. He is originally from Italy and has lived in other countries abroad, including South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With his outgoing attitude and his truly international mindset, he brings members together and represents InterNations as a dedicated Consul.

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