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Clarification TAX - The latest situation (Malaga)

I would be grateful if anyone could advise on this. No one seems to want to answer this question!

I am confused about the tax situation if you have been in Spain more than Protected content !! My understanding is now anyone staying more than Protected content in any tax year has to pay tax on their worldwide income. However I found the following information. Is this out of date? Most importantly I am looking for the answer to the questions starred below *******

Non Resident
A non-resident is liable to pay income tax only on monies that are earned within Spain. A non-resident will not normally qualify for any deductions or allowances.

Tax falls into two categories in Spain. There is general income (renta general) and income from savings (renta del ahorro). These are then combined into the ‘imponible’ base. This is the equivalent of the gross income. Deductions and allowances take this down to the ‘liquidable’ base, which is the net taxable income. There is a tax free allowance (minimo personal y familiar) for every person of € Protected content this now Protected content ? or maybe Protected content

After Protected content in Spain do you need to apply to be a Resident? or can you continue as non-resident? Does the non-resident tax status continue (i.e.. only tax on Spanish income)? or do you become automatically resident for tax purposes? ******If you are resident for tax purposes (but a non resident) are you also entitled to the tax free allowance (minimo personal). Do you have to make a declaration of worldwide earnings if (imponible base) is less than €9000? 0r 11.000?******

How will any tax declaration be done if you leave Spain?

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