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looking for young english speaking expats (Málaga)

My partner and I will be moving to Torre Del Mar onm August 7th and we are hopinh to nmeet some young, english speaking expats along the way. I'm 20, and my partner, she's 20 as well, so itss understandable that there probably won't be a great deal of people our age who are doing the same thing.

We are looking for people who can help guide us around getting our NIE and redsidencia and also applying for a bank accout and mobile contract, because there is not a great deal of help on the internet for that sort of thing.

If they weren't too close to torre del mar, but would be willing to help, we have a 4 bedroom apartment for the 2 of us, so anyone who could help would be welcome to stay for a couple of days while they do that :)

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