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Marbella Newbie (Málaga)

I just moved to Marbella and I have a couple of questions:

First very important question- Where can i find an Asian supermercado here? I like cooking so I need my fresh asian ingredients for survival needs!
(I am from Malaysia, any of you who has been to Malaysia will know that it is the food central of Asia!)

Second, Will anyone (preferably in Marbella or within its 30km radius) be organising a networking gathering or a small group meetup?

Last but not least, if its not too much to ask, are there any newbies like me out there? Whose interested in watching V.O.S in Spanish Cinemas, walking about in Banus or going to museums and exhibitions etc basically exploring the city while still having this touristy feeling, before submerging in the Marbellan lifestyle as one of the locals...and perhaps intercambiar idiomas with spanish-illiterate idiot like me.. :)


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