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Newbie here! Work-related questions (Malaga)

Hi everyone,
I've just recently come to Spain (less than a week ago!) and I'm trying to find my bearings regarding a few things.
I have a hospitality/tourism industry background. I've worked at a top Canadian hotel as well as served/bartended and I hope to do the same here. I chose Malaga because I read there is a large English community here (expats/tourists) and so I'm hoping I will be able to find a job in English, French, or Polish whilst I learn Spanish. Is this a completely bonkers idea?

Secondly, I recently met an English teacher who was quite adamant in telling me to do my TEFL certification (can be done in an intensive one month course) in order to teach English here for work. Anyone know if there is actually any demand for this in Malaga? The course is quite expensive so It's a fairly big commitment.

Finally, (I'm almost done, I swear) I am wondering if as a Polish/EU citizen with a PESL ID photo card (such as a SIN or social insurance card) I am able to legally apply for jobs without a passport? I applied for my Polish one to be renewed but unfortunately it wasn't done on time before my flight. I cannot have it sent to me so my only option is to cancel the one that will come to Canada and reapply at a Polish embassy in Spain. I am hoping to avoid all the headaches and costs yet again if at all possible.
I apologize for the novel. HELP!

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