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Visiting Malaga 4 -9.Feb - cafe meet-up ?

Hi members of Internations in Malaga,
I will be staying in Malaga for a few days, and a couple of friends of mine are not sure if they will be able to join me any more. So, I thought it would be nice to meet some of the locals (expat or natives), especially close to Malaga center and to Torremolinos (where I will be staying), for an afternoon coffee, or happy-hour drinks. Perhaps even a cultural activity like an exhibition or music, if anything is scheduled for the period. The weather forecast seems to be on the sad side, but I hope to make the most out of it. I should be doing some 'tourist'-like activities, walks, museums, etc. It would be nice to meet some of you, even if my friends do end up joining me afterall ;-) I can speak some spanish (I speak brazilian portuguese, english and danish). I look forward to any tips too, even if a meet-up isn't suggested at this moment. ;-)

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